Masturbatrix Bella Bellini gives you a lesson

by Bella Bellini on July 21, 2011

Masturbatrix Bella Bellini is ready to give you the masturbation instruction lesson of your life! You boys are so easy to please, my new librarian chic Prada glasses are giving everyone a glasses fetish. They are also making all of you more responsive to my commands. Do you have a fantasy about one of your teachers giving you a jerk off lesson in sex education? Sure you do! Every guy does. But trust me, no school teacher comes prepared with a big dildo and lots of lube to help with the demonstration. You need Mistress Bella Bellini the masturbatrix for that!

I start off my latest masturbation instruction video with a slow tease. I sit down in my chair and cross my long legs to show off my 5 inch stiletto heels. Don’t you wish all teachers dressed like this? My dress is just short enough that you can hope to get an upskirt glimpse if I were to bend down and pick up my pen. I’m also not afraid to show off my cleavage in my class room. I want to get your dicks nice and hard before I begin my masturbation instruction lesson!


Masturbatrix Bella Bellini masturbation instruction video


I tell you that I’m going to share a very sexy secret that will make your orgasms much more intense when you masturbate. It’s a secret that you can only learn from a Masturbatrix. So you are going to have to listen very carefully to all my instructions. And play close attention to the way I stroke my demonstration cock!

I know it is easy to get distracted by my sexy English accent. And I deliberately distract you as a test by teasing you with my cleavage. You boys have to learn some orgasm control. I won’t have problems with early ejaculation in my class. Early ejaculation will give you an automatic fail grade!

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