Bratty Manipulatrix Bella Bellini always gets her way!

by Bella Bellini on August 17, 2011

You knew this kind of girl in high school. Pretty, popular, smart, and more than a little bratty. Bella Bellini plays a bratty manipulatrix cock tease in her latest high resolution photo update and you are going to be putty in her hands! The role play that we did during this photo shoot isn’t too far off from the truth. I was very precocious for my age as a teenager and felt entitled to my idea of a good time. I got straight A’s whether I partied all weekend or not. So why shouldn’t I be allowed to take Mondays off? Or skip last period on a Friday so I can get picked up by my boyfriend and go have drinks with my older friends. You aren’t going to give me detention for skipping school are you Sir? I’ve seen you checking out my ass when I walk down the hallways in my too short school girl uniform skirt. But no one tells me to buy a longer one because this cock tease teen always gets her way!

Bratty Bella Bellini cock tease

I try and keep my school girl uniform as realistic as possible when I’m doing my bratty teen cock tease Manipulatrix role plays. Paying attention to the small details means you’ll have zero chance to say no to me. All those memories of glancing down the white button down shirts come flashing back to you the moment you see the first 3000 pixel high resolution bratty cock tease photos in my exclusive members area.

Did I catch you looking at my bra? I’ll tell on you unless you make sure that I have a perfect attendance record for the entire year! I don’t care that I’ve skipped every Monday and Friday this semester. You better do a good job of changing all of that!

I know you’ll probably be taking upskirt photos with your cell phone when I pick up my attendance award at the end of the year assembly. I know you are going to be jerking off to those pics of me in my school girl uniform when you are home alone. That will cost you also!

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Mistress Bella Bellini